How to Start a Ladies' Intercessory Prayer Group

Starting a ladies prayer group requires a lot of self-knowledge and forethought. First of all the leader has to understand why she wants to start the group. The reasons will set the vision and mission of the group. It will also affect the selection of the prospective group members. Even though the leader does not need to be great in prayer, she should have a willingness to pray and lead the other ladies in prayers in the group. Here's a good read about  cancer prayer team, check it out! 

You can meet with the pastor in your church and inform them of your desire to start the group. You can ask them to pray with you and ask for some suggestions and ideas. Find out if there are rules in place that guide the setting up of such a prayer group. You might have come up with a schedule of activities for your group. It is helpful to check the church calendar to ensure that your prayer meetings and activities do not conflict with other activities in the church. To gather more awesome ideas on  healing groups, click here to get started. 

Identify some women-five or ten in number who you would like to be part of the group. You can set the agenda for the group. For instance, you might decide that the sole purpose of the group is to pray for the marriages in the church or the children. Identify women who share the same passion-for praying for marriages or children and ask them to join the group. They should be women who have a consistent prayer life. Invite them to be part of the group.

The next step is to decide where you will be meeting. You should choose a venue which is most convenient for all the group members. It could be at the church or in someone's home. If it is someone's home, they should be willing to host. You could also decide to rotate the venues in case the prayer group members live close to one another.

Schedule the meetings for one or two hours. When you meet for the first time, set some ground rules. For instance, have the group decide how you will be praying. Will be it one person leading the prayer or will you be having communal prayers with one person making the final prayer. As mentioned earlier, your group should have one area to focus on.

Get to know how the group members prefer to pray. It is better to pray silently as some people may not be comfortable with praying aloud.

Know that the constitution of the prayer group and your focus may change with time. You should be willing to adapt to new prayer topics or modify the agenda when the need arises. Kindly visit this website  for more useful reference.